Best online payment solutions to fuel your social media store launch

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Millions of people are now connected more than ever thanks to social media. Huge social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok have taken over the digital space as influential tools to express oneself, connect and provide business opportunities to its users. According to Hootsuite’s 2021 digital report, social media users around the world are now at a whopping 4.5 billion with 13 users starting social media every second. With the apparent growth year on year, social media has been evolving to more than a networking tool, it has flourished into a powerful sales and marketing hub from small businesses to the largest corporations around the world.

Social media as a powerful tool for small businesses

Shops on Facebook, through its marketplace, and Instagram are emerging left and right. Social commerce has been opening doors of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs and side hustlers. Social commerce is defined by Hootsuite as “the entire shopping experience — from product discovery and research to the check out process — [that] takes place right on a social media platform.” Social media guarantees instant reach to an online community or audience without having to physically open a store to market a product or service. It is also very user-friendly and accessible to all, especially for newbies in the business space like a college kid who wants to earn on the side by selling cookies or a budding artist who wants to sell his art merchandise. In today’s day and age, launching products and services online is more of a given than an alternative and those who thrive prioritize a seamless customer experience from product discovery down to checkout – even without a presence of a website. 

Payment experience is key when launching your social media store

First impressions, specifically for buying customers, are important as this creates the bond between the brand and the consumer. Impressions will eventually transform into loyalty and word of mouth which can make or break your launch. As a small business, prioritizing the check out experience is necessary especially when you’re starting out without a website. Flexibility and speed are key to keep customers happy, engaged and loyal. Here are some ways to provide a seamless payment experience to customers even without a website:

Payment Links

A payment link is a URL that takes a customer to a branded web page that provides a customized checkout experience. A business owner can simply send this link via chat which redirects a customer to a secure checkout page to process payments. This can be set up through a payment gateway provider.

QR Codes

A QR code is very common nowadays, you see it both in online and offline checkouts. QR or Quick Response code is a kind of a 2D barcode where information about a product or service is digitally stored. It is usually scanned using a smartphone through a QR Code reader application or directly through the phone camera. QR codes are generated digitally but can be sent through chat or printed for offline transactions or marketing campaigns. 

BUx makes payments easy and secure for small businesses with a wide range of payment methods from e-wallets, online banking, over-the-counter payments – all accessible through QR codes and payment links. Even without a website, customers can simply pay without the hassle of creating an account. It is fast, easy and secure- providing optimal contactless payment experience via chat or email, mobile or desktop even without a website.


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