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 Empowering Educational Institutions: How Digital Payments Can Revolutionize the Education Sector


Discover how BUx can revolutionize the education sector with our end-to-end payment platform. 

Digital payments have revolutionized the global payments landscape, and BUx is at the forefront of this revolution in the Philippines. Now, we are bringing our award-winning payment platform to the education sector, catering to educational institutions’ needs nationwide, no matter the size or shape.

With over 60,000 online and offline counters and 25 payment channels, including over-the-counter, online banking, e-wallets, QR code payments, debit and credit card payments, and more BUx has a wide range of payment channels that will allow you to collect payments more efficiently from your students. 

Thus far, BUx has amassed over 120,000 users and processed 38 million successful transactions amounting to P22.6 billion. With its wide range of features, advanced security, and user-friendly interfaces, BUx is the perfect platform to revolutionize the Philippine education sector and bring hassle-free digital payment options to schools and other learning institutions. 

Greater flexibility for educational institutions

Flexibility is crucial for students and their families when paying tuition and other school fees. This was especially true during the pandemic when lockdown measures prevented most Filipinos from leaving their homes. As a result, people turned to digital solutions to pay for their everyday needs, from buying groceries and food to paying for bills and tuition fees. Indeed, these digital solutions have allowed us to continue to access crucial goods and services despite the limitations of the pandemic. 

But more than that, this began a trend of using digital payment methods among Filipinos as more and more people became accustomed to these platforms. A Visa study has found that 60 percent of Filipinos now carry less cash, while 84 percent have gone cashless in 2021. Payments through e-wallets and online banking have become more prevalent, with 64% using mobile wallets and 52% making card payments online. Meanwhile, QR code payments are also gaining traction, with 31 percent of Filipinos using the method in 2021. 

With the world in full swing and the economy steadily rebounding, digital payments are here to stay. Thus, having a convenient payment collection system that offers multiple payment methods is crucial to educational institutions. 

With more choices, students will have more flexibility in choosing the payment channel that best suits their preferences. Apart from tuition fees, digital payments can streamline payments for other school fees. For instance, students can order and pay for their uniforms through a QR code, or settle any school fees from the comforts of their home through online banking or e-wallets. By using digital payments for textbooks, students will no longer need to bring cash with them to school, reducing the chances of said cash being lost. Schools can also begin accepting digital payments at school canteens or cafeterias. Apart from school fees, schools can also offer digital payments for the purchase of e-books and other online course materials for their studies.

Having all these payments done digitally will also allow schools to track all of the inflows of cash more efficiently. For example, BUx’s feature-rich dashboard makes tracking these payments more accessible than ever by integrating the reports from multiple payment channels into one seamless view.

Moreover, with BUx’s end-to-end payment system, schools of all shapes and sizes can offer a seamless payment experience to students and their families, and begin to provide over-the-counter, e-wallet, online banking, debit and credit card payments, and even buy now, pay later (BNPL). 

Get started with BUx today, and explore how you can take your school to the next level.

Secure online payments for parents, students, teachers, and more

Digital payment methods like e-wallets, QR code payments, online banking, and debit and credit card payments, among others, have exploded in popularity in recent years, and it isn’t difficult to see why. They allow quick, convenient, and hassle-free payment for goods and services. Students and their parents have also benefited from these advantages, with digital payments allowing many to continue their studies through online mediums. 

However, along with this growth in digital payments is the increased risk of cybersecurity threats. Cyberattacks have risen in recent years, and the financial sector is often one of the most targeted.

This threat only underscores the importance of choosing a reliable and trustworthy digital payments partner. For instance, BUx is a secure end-to-end payments platform that helps you safeguard against cybersecurity threats. The BUx platform complies with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS), so you can be sure that your transactions will be safe and secure.

Now, BUx is bringing this security to schools and learning institutions. Students and their parents need not worry about paying for their tuition and school fees online. More than the convenience and flexibility that students, parents, and even teachers gain, digital payments can also offer peace of mind when making digital transactions with schools and other learning institutions. 

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Leave the payments to us and focus on what matters.

BUx allows you to streamline your financial management, significantly reducing workload and allowing you to focus on running your institution. 

Partners can fully customize our award-winning platform to suit your needs. Our partner enterprises can tailor their customers’ payment experience through a developer-friendly Application Programming Interface (API). A co-branded dashboard is also available for white labeling, giving enterprises a helpful feature that allows them to integrate their brand logo, colors, taglines, and other branding elements that suit their corporate branding. Moreover, customer service support is available to all BUx clients 24/7, with customer service agents ready to respond to your concerns anytime. 

A key feature is the multi-wallet management system. Through this, enterprises can set up sub-wallets for their branches or other business locations, allowing them to create a network of payment collection for their schools. They may also set automated payouts and payment requests and quickly oversee the balance of each branch or wallet through a co-branded dashboard. This is a perfect feature for educational institutions with multiple campuses or school locations, allowing the treasury or finance units to manage the finances of a school or university more conveniently. 

Explore BUx today and discover how you can revolutionize your school by offering your community various payment options.