J3 Trainers and Consultants overcame the challenges of operating through a pandemic with BUx's payment options

About J3 Trainers and Consultants Inc.

Based in Cagayan de Oro City, J3 Trainers and Consultants Inc. is a company that advocates safety in the industrial workspace by bringing in years of experience and subject matter expertise regarding equipment reliability and invulnerability. They spread awareness of their practice through online training, assessments, and physical safety courses, which aim to improve the competence of professionals in the construction and engineering industry.


The Challenge

With the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic and a company that heavily relies on physical interactions, the business needed to adapt and move its services online. President of J3 Trainers and Consultants Inc., Joel Ortiz, was all for making a change, even if it would be in a platform he wasn’t much of an expert yet back then. “We needed our participants to be able to join and pay their training fees online. I only knew of Paypal back then. After Googling online payment options, we found BUx; the rest is history. It has helped us a lot, both our clients and us.” Joel Ortiz shared.


Why BUx

BUx helped J3 Trainers and Consultants Inc. expand its business by offering multiple online payment options for its customers. They can now offer online payments for online courses and assessments on their website in line with their new online approach. “BUx is convenient to use and easy for us to explain to our clients the payment procedure. It is also productive in terms of receiving, tracking, and validating payments,” said Joel Ortiz. J3 Trainers and Consultants Inc. is now one of BUx’s top merchants over the past months, fully solidifying itself as a company that can offer online and offline services.

Their customers can now receive online training and assessments while handling any payments in the comfort of their homes through BUx’s multiple payment options. “The biggest benefit of BUx to our customers is convenience and the feeling of security, especially when people are frequent victims of illegitimate online transactions,” Joel Ortiz added.


Featured BUx Solution

Using BUx’s multiple payment platforms, J3 Trainers and Consultants Inc. can offer over-the-counter payments with over 60,000+ partner locations for customers to access nationwide. They can also accept online fund transfers, card payments, installments, and buy now, pay later.

In addition, through BUx’s easy-to-use real-time dashboard, J3 Trainers and Consultants Inc. can track paid and pending payments, download payout summaries, receive real-time notifications of credited funds, and more. 

 Learn how to offer these payment options through BUx here.


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