The Ultimate Guide: How to Set up Payments in Kajabi

Kajabi is a platform for knowledge entrepreneurs to build, market, and sell educational content. Users can publish, market, and sell online courses, membership sites, communities, and other digital products. By putting all the pieces of a successful business in one convenient platform, Kajabi lets knowledge entrepreneurs get started and grow faster. By setting up your Kajabi shop with BUx, you can offer easier payment checkouts for your customers with instant access to 50,000 over-the-counter locations nationwide, e-wallets, web banking, and more.

Getting started with Kajabi

Step 1: Log in to your Kajabi account and create an offer in your Kajabi Shop

Step 2: Choose “One-time payment”

Note: Make sure the currency is in PHP – Philippine Peso

Step 3: After creating your offer, open it and click on the “Get Link” and then click “Copy” and paste it into your notes to use later.

Step 4: Then, go to “More,” then click “Webhooks,” click “copy” on the Activation URL and paste it into your notes to use for later.

How to Integrate the BUx plugin into your Kajabi Shop

BUx is a leading end-to-end payment platform in the Philippines, giving businesses of all sizes opportunities to offer multiple online payment methods to customers backed by an extensive network of payment channels nationwide. Through BUx, MSMEs can easily access the largest and most reputable over-the-counter channels with over 50,000 locations (7-eleven, Cebuana Lhuiller, etc.), mobile wallets (GCash, GrabPay, etc.), Instapay and PESONet banks (BPI, UnionBank, etc.) for card payments. QRPH, the national QR code standard introduced by BSP in 2019, is also available. By sharing one QR code, merchants can safely transfer money between participating Instapay andPCHC banks and e-wallets.

Here’s how to integrate BUx into your Kajabi shop:

Log in to your BUx account.

Click “Integration” on the side menu of the BUx dashboard and tap “Go to offers” beside the Kajabi logo.

Create a new offer in BUx and fill up the following fields:

    1. Name

Note: The name can be the same as the Kajabi offer recently made for quick reference

  1. Input the generated offer link previously copied from Kajabi
  2. Input the Kajabi Activation Webhook URL previously copied from Kajabi
  3. Input the URL of the Kajabi Thank You Page (for successful payments)
  4. Click “Save”

After inputting everything in BUx, set up the Offer Payment form on your Kajabi Offer page.

    1. Click the “Offer Page”
    2. Open the Offer Page to “Edit” 
    3. Add a Custom Block

Note: this is where you’ll input the custom BUx Code

  1. Copy the Custom Code from BUx
  2.  Paste it into your Custom Code Block on the Kajabi Offer Page.

You’re all set!

    1. The custom code (form) in BUx automatically embeds the name or email address of the user and the other details so that the customers only click pay and then choose a payment option. 
    2. Feel free to customize the design of the form to match your Kajabi website theme/colors.
    3. For easy tracking of BUx Payments/Users in your Kajabi Dashboard, add an “Offer Automation.”
    4. When granting an offer, add a BUx tag.


This tag will allow you to filter People based on the BUX tag.


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