Tips and Treats: Get ready this Halloween with these tips

Spooktober! October is a great month to engage your customers in a fun, simple—and yes, perhaps spooky—way. It’s the season to get excited and scared because the year’s peak season officially begins. It’s an excellent opportunity to give your business that all-important marketing push it needs to boost your sales.


This is Halloween

Start your marketing initiatives and highlight the seasonal festivities on your social media pages. Social media is quick access to your customer’s views to showcase deals and Halloween campaigns such as live events, special discounts, and offers.

Dressing up your online or offline store and social media pages with the Halloween theme would create a buzz for your followers, showing that there’s something in store for them throughout the thematic season. 


Launch a spooktacular sale

A very short holiday, set between double-digit sales and the Christmas holiday season, Halloween is potentially a key event for you to introduce flash sales which present a sense of urgency that you can provide for your customers. 

Be upfront and dynamic with your product offers to get your customer hooked. Offer deals available for a limited time or potentially create unique events such as a lucky draw or a special bundle they can only get during this Halloween season.


Halloween starts soon! Think fast!

Research shows that 40% of active buyers tend to purchase before the festivity begins. Giving your customers ample time to consider your new offers is essential. Make sure you spread the word so your buyers can catch the deals you present.  

Using advertising platforms on Facebook or Instagram may be an excellent option to explore. It would boost your content and bring more traffic to your online store. Using these platforms could also have long-term benefits for your store, with other holidays coming at the end of the year.


Get your Halloween treats with BUx.

No tricks, all treats. With all the possible options you’ll need to offer your customers, having a single source for all those payment options is essential in one view. Give the convenience of seamless payment options to your customers with BUx. 

BUx makes payments easy for you and your customers by offering multiple options viae-wallets, online banking, and over-the-counter–l available nationwide.

  1. Offer online fund transfers, card payments, installments, Buy Now Pay Later, and more with BUx! Over-the-counter partners with 50,000+ locations are also available for your customers to access nationwide.
  2. Let customers pay through mobile or desktop. Integrate BUx to your online store or direct them to your personalized checkout page via paid links or QR codes.
  3. Forget about manually managing multiple platforms. Track paid and pending payments, download payout summaries, receive real-time notifications of funds credited, and more using your BUx dashboard.


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