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 AboitizPower taps UBX for digital payment to improve service.


Original Article from Mindanao Times

Aboitiz Power Corporation’s (AboitizPower) electricity distribution subsidiaries improved its services and digitalization drive with the integration of digital payments in their mobile application, MobileAP.

The power company recently partnered with UnionBank of the Philippines affiliate UBX Philippines Corporation (UBX) to develop MobileAP into a one-stop app via a platform called BUx and provide greater convenience to the customers of select AboitizPower energy distributors.

“Our subscribers can do everything from getting updates about our services, to checking their billing information, to bill payment, thanks to MobileAP and UBX,” said AP Distribution Utilities Assistant Vice President and Bills-to-Cash Head Arnold Villanueva. “Aside from improving their convenience, we build upon our customers’ trust by providing them with timely and transparent information.”

With BUx, online bank payments and bank transfers can be done in MobileAP. At the same time, transactions are kept track via real-time updates and notifications of credited funds courtesy of MobileAP’s merchant dashboard.

Through the app, customers can immediately view and monitor their account for the past 12 months, including their respective power consumption, costs, and payment history. They can also download a PDF copy of their records with their respective AboitizPower distribution subsidiary and even register and/or manage multiple accounts in a single app. As checking, tracking, registering, and paying can be done online, customers can opt not to wait for snail mail or go to outposts or service centers.

The digitalization of these functions save the customer invaluable time and effort.

Customers of the Visayan Electric Company, Davao Light and Power Company, Cotabato Light and Power Company, and the Subic and Lima EnerZones who use Apple iOS and/or Android can download MobileAP and utilize these new functions for their benefit.

The energy and banking sectors are crucial in furthering the country’s economic growth. Digitalization of their respective industries, much less synergizing technologies for the integration of both services, can enable greater and more efficient activity that is beneficial for both personal and country-wide development.

AboitizPower is one of the largest electricity providers in the country with a balanced mix portfolio of power generation, distribution, and retail electricity services. The company’s mission is to provide reliable energy at reasonable prices while pursuing sustainable solutions to help reduce the adverse effects on the environment.

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