Access all of Bux with developer-friendly APIs

Build your business’ best payment experience with the most comprehensive and developer-friendly APIs today. Integrate using our APIs today!


Fuel your business with the most extensive payment acceptance network


Customizable Payment Experience

Add your own messaging, minimize errors through pre-populated amount selection, or let your customers input their desired amount.


Accept all kinds of payments in one platform

Get access to over 50,000+ over-the-counter locations, your favorite e-wallets, online banking, debit and credit cards and offer buy now pay later to your customers all in one platform.


Dedicated Support

We have dedicated IT support to help you in your integration and issues, allowing you to seamlessly integrate Bux into your platform.


Secured and Protected

We are PCI DSS Certified to ensure all online transactions are secure. We have a fraud management system built in to monitor possible suspicious activities.

The Bux API is the fastest, easiest, and most complete system for any website or platform.