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 Collect payments for your business this 2023 with BUx


As we get started with 2023, businesses continue to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of their customers to stay on top of the competition. Businesses may do so by simplifying payment collections using a platform like BUx, which offers various services that support businesses by improving their operations and making sales easier.

Here are some steps that businesses can follow to improve the way they do their business with BUx:

    1. Offer various payment options: Customers expect businesses to offer multiple payment options. May it be offline, online, or mobile payments. By using BUx, companies can easily accept a variety of payment methods, which can make it more convenient for customers to complete transactions and can increase sales.

      BUx can provide all the payment options you want and more in a single link, QR Code, or checkout page. Through over 30 payment channels, your business can offer online fund transfers, card payments, installments, and Buy Now Pay Later. You may also provide over-the-counter prices with over 60,000 payment locations nationwide.


    1. Focus on security: Security is a top concern for customers, so businesses must use a payment platform with advanced encryption and other security features. BUx uses the latest technology to keep customers’ information safe, which can help build customer trust and confidence.

      Remove any worries about fraudulent practices with BUx. While using the platform, partners are assured of safety measures as the platform has embedded fraud detection tools. With this set, you can have less time worrying about your payments and more time focusing on your business.


    1. Use detailed reporting and tracking: BUx offers precise reporting tools to help businesses track their payment collections and understand customers’ behavior. Boost your company’s performance by looking into the deeper details of how your customers pay.

      Worry less about tracking payments, as BUx offers the best dashboard for real-time sales reports. Forget about manually managing multiple platforms. Track paid and pending charges, download payout summaries, receive real-time notifications of funds credited, and more using your BUx dashboard. Imagine all the time businesses use to track all the payment options and more time needed to consolidate your received payments.


  1. Get support and assistance: BUx offers 24/7 customer assistance so businesses can get help. Companies can find this particularly useful for users new to using payment platforms or needing help with specific issues.

    Do you need help on how to generate links? BUx’s team has videos to support merchants on the step-by-step process. Would you like to present to your customers your new payment options? BUx has marketing kits ready for you on the platform. Are you integrating BUx into my e-commerce site? We can offer support to help you in the integration process!


By following these steps, your business can use BUx to improve its operations and increase its sales in 2023. With BUx, you, too, can experience various services that help companies provide convenient and secure payment options. Track their transactions, and get support and assistance when needed.