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The Double-digit sales season is upon us! It is a prime opportunity to increase your sales and business even more. The Double-digit sales season runs throughout the year, and the dates of the most popular sales run from September to the end of the year (9.9,10.10, 11.11, 12.12). While some people may think such frequent sales are excessive or even gimmicky, many brands such as Shopee and Lazada think otherwise. It is now the perfect opportunity to build one’s brand. 

How can you take advantage of the double-digit sales season? Here are a few tips to double your sales during a double-digit season.



Try out Meta ads for Facebook and Instagram.

With the rise of new algorithms in advertising, it’s much harder to present yourself organically and build your business the way you want to. Especially on social media, it is now a challenge to reach more people than it ever was! During this season of customer spending, it might be time to think about activating your Meta ads to expand your customer reach and interest.

Stand out and look sharp! – Content Design

Don’t settle for a simple photo from your phone and text. Stand out. Be creative to make your ads stand out against your competition and attract more people interested in your product. 

If you’re not that much of a creative person, there are multiple applications to help you there. Tools such as Canva, Design Wizard, and Adobe Spark are all free applications that can help you build a design to send your message quickly.

It takes one to know one – Audience Setting.

You need to know your audience better than anyone else if you want your business to flourish. The same works for online advertising. You’ll need to know essential information about your customers to reach more people like them. It’s best if you can set the following:

  • Location setting
    • Set your ad locations based on your customer’s locations, reach, and possible reach of your products.
  • Age setting
    • Keep in mind your customer’s typical age range and the age range you think is interested in your product.
  • Gender setting
    • Manage your ads based on gender and focus on which gender your product is catering to.

Give your wallet a break – Limit your Ad Spending.

Leaving your ads to spend freely is a big no-no in advertising. Limiting your spending is essential. Set your budget with the number of days you want your ads out. Note that there’s a minimum daily spend on meta, and you may use that to your advantage.



Why not make Promos?

Everyone loves a good promo; discounts, free items, or new themed products open the door to more interest in your business. With the double-digit season, it’s best to work around the seasonal theme and get an edge against the competition. Here are a few promos you can do to boost sales:

Cash is King

Sweet, Simple, and Super appealing. Customers getting a bargain might be the spark to get them to spend on your business and maybe even return to purchase again! Nothing can top a suitable discount coupon to bring in sales. A thematic discount like “9% off on 9.9” or “10% off on 10.10” are possible options. You can also create bundle discounts by giving them a discount for purchasing multiple items, such as “Buy 2 for 20% off your total purchase.”

It’s Free Real Estate

What can top a discount? A freebie. Giving free items as a complimentary piece to their purchase can sway people to buy from your shop. Especially things that Customers can use with the main product (i.e., Free Metal Straw with every Cold Cup) can be very appealing. What would take it up a notch would be creating value for the freebie, like limited edition items on sale during your specific sales window. This sale could create urgency for people to buy now than wait later.

“We make a good team, you & I.”

Why not just think double sales? Why not believe in dual heads? Collaborate! Limited Edition items are good, but why not push them further by collaborating with other businesses to appeal to more audiences? Collaborating with other companies opens the door to their clientele and vice versa. You will approach interested people to a specific product and refer more items to them through collaboration. Business owners sell more than their products; they sell trust. A strong referral via partnership builds credibility on both sides and would benefit everyone. 



Pack it right!

It’s not just how you sell. It’s how it looks. The packaging of your product is key to gaining your customers’ attention and presenting your business as the “it” brand it needs to have. The packaging can sometimes be a make-or-break moment as it can create more or even more customers. When there are a lot of eyes on your products during this double-digit sale, you should have the right approach through your packaging. Keep note of these tips:

Get THAT look

The phrasing on your packaging should tell potential customers what the product is and why they’d want to buy it. Keep it simple. You have seconds to catch someone’s attention. Don’t waste them!

Be Authentic

What’s shown outside the package should match what’s inside, or you’ll lose customers. You want the graphics to be appealing, of course. Still, you must be able to deliver the goods and match your buyers’ expectations when they open the package.

Be Mindful

Design a package that protects the product without excessive waste. Design a package that covers the product without excessive waste. Many consumers are not interested in the castoffs that result from over-packaging. Bigger is not always better, so skip the extra layers of bags, boxes, and plastic.

More customers, More Sales, and More payment options with BUx

With more customers coming into your business this double-digit season, it’s essential to offer multiple payment options for them to choose from in one seamless location. Remove all the hassle of manually creating these payment windows and get it all effortlessly with BUx. 

BUx makes payments easy for you and your customers with e-wallets, online banking, and over-the-counter payments – all available nationwide. No business documents are required.

  1. Offer online fund transfers, card payments, installments, Buy Now Pay Later, and more with BUx! Over-the-counter partners with 50,000+ locations are also available for your customers to access nationwide.
  2. Let customers pay through mobile or desktop! Integrate BUx to your eCommerce website or direct them to your brand’s unique checkout page via paid links or QR codes.
  3. Forget about manually managing multiple platforms! Track paid and pending payments, download payout summaries, receive real-time notifications of funds credited, and more using your BUx dashboard.


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