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 Women at the Forefront: A Spotlight on the Women Driving Innovation at BUx

Committed, Driven, and Uncompromised. This Women’s Month, we celebrate female empowerment and its sustained future in the workplace. Explore how these resilient individuals enable BUx’s end-to-end solutions.

As a solution that values diversity and inclusivity, BUx is proud to feature three exceptional women who have made their mark in the tech industry. In honor of International Women’s Month, we sat down with Alyka Jaylo, Cresel Salvador Rodiano, and Sandra Vergara to learn more about their experiences, challenges, and advice for the next generation of female leaders.


Alyka Jaylo, Customer Experience Officer

As a Customer Experience Officer for BUx, Alyka’s tasks involve ensuring client needs and requirements during the entire partner lifecycle are attended to by providing helpful information and resolving issues and concerns. When asked what drives and fuels her career path, Alyka said, “Being a part of that positive change and helping make a difference in people’s lives.” 

However, like many women in tech, she has faced significant obstacles, including gender biases and stereotypes that make her feel like her capabilities are limited. To overcome these challenges, Alyka advises building skills and developing confidence in one’s abilities. 

When asked about gender equality and diversity in the industry, Alyka commented, “I see more women leaders breaking barriers, shattering the glass ceiling, and leading the way. This shift can be in part to the growing awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusivity.” For the next generation of female leaders, Alyka advises them to “step outside of their comfort zone and embrace challenges and changes.”


Cresel Salvador Rodiano, Transaction Officer

As a Transaction Officer in BUx, Cresel Salvador Rodiano oversees and manages financial transactions. Her role involves payments, reconciling accounts, providing financial reports working closely with clients and colleagues, and ensuring the efficient execution of trades. 

When asked what drives and fuels her career path, Cresel said, “I have always found satisfaction in my chosen field by doing something that allows me to enjoy, excel, and increase my skill set to reach my professional goals. My family inspires me by always supporting and motivating me through thick and thin.” 

Cresel has faced challenges related to confidence and assertiveness, but she has overcome these obstacles by staying focused on her goals, helping her pursue further achievements. To promote gender equality and diversity in the industry, Cresel believes that we must take action to eliminate bias, provide mentorship and development opportunities, and ensure accountability for diversity and inclusion efforts.

For the next generation of female leaders, Cresel advises them to “be confident, approach the first job as an opportunity to get your feet dirty, be eager to learn but don’t be a pushover, stay away from comparisons, learn to accept criticism, never stop learning, seek out mentors and allies, and be proactively seeking opportunities for growth and development.”


Sandra Vergara, Software Quality Engineer

Ensuring software products meet the required quality and performance standards, Sandra, as a Software Quality Engineer, helps empower BUx. 

When asked about her career path, Sandra said, “Working in this field gives me a sense of satisfaction, knowing that I contribute to creating high-quality software products.” Like Alyka and Cresel, Sandra has faced biases and stereotypes but overcomes them by staying focused on her goals and being confident in her abilities. 

Sandra has seen changes in the industry related to gender equality and diversity. However, much work is still needed to increase the representation of women and other underrepresented groups in leadership roles. Her advice for the next generation of female leaders is to not be discouraged by challenges and to always be open to learning and growing.


Moving together with BUx

The remarkable women at BUx exemplify female empowerment in the workplace. Through their stories, we see how they have overcome gender biases and stereotypes, developed confidence in their abilities and embraced challenges to grow and learn. 

As BUx continues to provide end-to-end solutions that make a positive difference in people’s lives, these women lead the charge with their commitment, drive, and uncompromising spirit. With BUx’s services, companies and businesses can experience the convenience and security of seamless payment options, expertly tracked transactions and reliable support.

 We celebrate these women this International Women’s Month and look forward to a more gender-equal and sustainable future with their leadership.